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    Here you have the opportunity to question/appeal a control fee.

    If you believe that a control fee has been incorrectly issued, please fill out the form below.

    Note! We do not accept appeals by e-mail due to the security risk.

    Under reason, indicate why you believe the control fee is incorrect.

    After investigation, we will send a response to your appeal.

    Circumstances which may lead to the cancellation of the control fee:

    • Formal errors in the control fee or on-site signage
    • Acute illness of self or close relatives (medical certificate required)
    • Vehicle reported stolen at the time of the infringement (police notification required)
    • Acute defect of the vehicle in which it can be demonstrated that measures have been taken for the movement of the vehicle (such movement shall take place fairly promptly)
    • Other circumstances are often difficult to assert on appeal.

    Scroll down the page and you will be sent to the form you are filling out and sending to us.

      Only the case number may be entered here. Max. 15 characters.

      Only the vehicle’s registration number may be entered here.

      Attach files (max. 6 files & max. size 8 MB)

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